“Creating Community Through People, Parks, and Programs”

Recreation Center Hours:

Winter: November 1 - April 30
Monday - Thursday 6AM - 10PM
Friday:  6AM - 6PM
Saturday:  7AM - 6PM
Sunday:  12PM - 6PM

Summer: May 1 - October 31
Monday - Thursday: 6AM - 9PM
Friday: 6AM - 6PM
Saturday: 7AM - 3PM
Sunday: CLOSED

We accept: Free Public Wi-Fi
Andy Rice
(719) 587-2529 
Jes Jolly
Recreation Division Manager

(719) 587-2528
Don Mendoza
Recreation Supervisor

(719) 587-2524
John Reesor
Outdoor Recreation Specialist

(719) 937-9025


AP&R Staff

Meet your Alamosa Parks and Recreation Staff

Andy Rice
Director of Parks, Recreation, and Library

(719) 587-2529, arice@ci.alamosa.co.us
Andy stays busy planning, organizing, directing, and supervising all activities and staff in the Parks and Recreation Department, which includes the Recreation Division, Parks Division, City Ranch, Cemetery, and Library.

Jeremy Arellano
Parks Division Manager

(719) 587-2537, jarellano@ci.alamosa.co.us
Jeremy performs administrative and professional work, planning, organizing, and managing the community parks and grounds operations. He is responsible for ensuring safe, quality parks and facilities that are made accessible to the general public. He is responsible for recommending and overseeing the upkeep, upgrade, construction, and/or renovation of parks facilities.

Vicente Apodaca
Parks Supervisor

(719) 587-2537, vapodaca@ci.alamosa.co.us
Vicente plans, organizes, and supervises the staff and operations of the parks maintenance work crews. He supervises the regular maintenance of City parks, park facilities, lawns, grounds, street medians, and other cultivated areas in the City. He assures that safe and clean park facilities are provided for residents.

Jes Jolly
Recreation Division Manager

(719) 587-2528, jjolly@ci.alamosa.co.us
Jes serves the dual role of organizing, promoting, and supervising a comprehensive program of year-round public recreation for residents of all ages, and creating community enrichment opportunities and developing special events for the purpose of generating increased sales tax revenue for the City of Alamosa.

Don Mendoza
Recreation Supervisor

(719) 587-2524, dmendoza@ci.alamosa.co.us
Don works directly with the public in facilitating, teaching, and/or supervising the daily activities of city-sponsored recreational programs and activities, specifically Adult and Youth Team Sports programs and special events.

John Reesor

Outdoor Recreation Specialist
(719) 937-9025, jreesor@ci.alamosa.co.us
John is responsible for all outreach, design, implementation, operations, management, and maintenance of a variety of outdoor programs, facilities and events. Programs include but are not limited to: indoor/outdoor climbing, water-based seasonal recreation (floating, paddle-boarding, and canoeing), camping, fishing, and winter recreation (skiing, fat-tire biking, and snow-shoeing). He coordinates outreach to local clubs, schools and the university as well as organizes collaborative community outdoor recreation events.

Oriana Sanchez
Office Supervisor

(719) 587-2527, osanchez@ci.alamosa.co.us
Oriana provides support to the Parks and Recreation Department in several phases of operation including personnel, purchasing, and budgeting. She performs general clerical work, but also has a role behind the scenes of most programs and special events.